Ways on Dealing with Cremation Ashes

ashes in fireworksIt isn’t really much of a surprise that more people today are opting for cremation services in their funeral plans compared to getting buried. The main reason for this is the cost.

Cremation vs. Burial

  • Cremation is definitely cheaper than the traditional burial.
  • There will be no need to purchase a cemetery plot and even a casket.
  • Even those pro- environment groups prefer cremation since spaces of land will be saved.

Dealing with Ash Remains

There are different ways on how a family can deal with the ash remains of their deceased loved ones.

  • The most common thing that many families do is to put the ashes or remains inside an urn.
  • Placing the remains in an urn is actually a very good way to remember your loved one because you can easily put the urn in a portion where you will be able to see it frequently.
  • Most people put urns in their living rooms. The good thing about this is that urns today have a wide variety of designs to choose from. You can even have the urn customized according to your liking.

This is not the most common way to deal with cremation ashes but it is already being done today.

  • The ashes of your loved ones are added to the powder used in fireworks. There are companies that allow you to do this.
  •  You can then watch a fireworks display wherein the materials used are those that have the remains of your loved one.
  • This beautiful display of colors is a good way to say goodbye to your family.

There are also other people who place the ashes into cremation jewelry.

  • If you want to always bring a memorable item of your loved one anytime, anywhere, then you can always use these jewelries. There are many companies that offer to fill jewelry pieces with the ashes and remains of your loved ones. These jewelries can be :
  • bracelets
  • pendants
  • lockets


They are beautiful pieces that you can wear everywhere you go.

Some people also do the traditional way of dealing with ashes which is to scatter them around.

  • Scattering ashes in the places that your late loved one specified or their favorite places is a good way to pay respects to them too.