Top 5 Songs That Help Soothe Your Grieving Heart

Studies show that music can not only be heard, but it has the ability to touch our hearts. There are many genres, each of which evokes a certain feeling from within us. Every artist than sings these various songs also possesses a unique cadence and vocal tone that brings out these emotions. For this reason, music is an effective solution that can help you process your grief after the funeral or cremation services of your loved one.

Typically, funeral songs, which are intentionally written with a caring tone and deep meaning, have the power to help you deal with your intense emotions. These songs are also sung in a heart-rending way so you can’t help but feel touched when you hear the melody. In the same manner, mellow songs composed and produced for general consumption can also ease your burdens. The right song is capable of helping you deal with your pain, so that you may take the needed measures to move on. You can also choose an uplifting and motivating composition that helps you feel lighter.

If you cannot decide on soothing songs to put in your playlist, that is understandable as there are simply too many songs to choose from. In general, soul and jazz are excellent genres for calming the heart. However, you are not limited to those as it is possible to find comforting ditties across all genres. The key is to go with your feelings. As long as the songs make you feel calm, that’s all the matters. To help you out, here are the top 5 songs that you can soothe your broken heart.


  1. You’ll Be in My Heart – Phil Collins

“You’ll be in my heart, always, always.”

You’ll be in my heart is a classic Disney pop ballad that perfectly encapsulates the theme of unconditional love. The world first heard this in the animated version of Tarzan. If you have recently lost a loved one, it may be difficult to let go, as you would want to cling tightly to the memory of their existence. In these difficult moments, this song, sung by Phil Collins, will remind you that though your dear one may not be by your side in the physical world, you will always cherish the memories you shared in your heart. Though your loved one is in heaven, the love never fades away.


  1. The Prayer – Andrea Bocelli

During turbulent times, one can cling to faith as a pillar of strength. If you feel particularly down, The Prayer, sung by Andrea Bocelli, is a song that can effectively calm down the storms in your heart. With lyrics like “Lead us to a place. Guide us with your grace. Give us strength so we’ll be safe,” it is difficult to not be reminded of the goodness of faith and of a higher power. Simply put, this song sends a message of hope, that even if today seems blurry, things will be okay come tomorrow.


  1. Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne

“Keep holding on, cause you know will make it through.”

Like The Prayer, Keep Holding On, by Avril Lavigne, is a reminder of hope. Grief is a difficult road to navigate, and sometimes it is so easy to slip away and lose yourself. Despite the struggle, you must stand firm and hold on because eventually, you will make it out of it alive, surviving, and thriving. Though it may seem impossible to move on right now after the death of your beloved, this pop ballad shares that, with enough courage and strength, you may see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.


  1. Let It Be – The Beetles

“When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: Let it be.”

This timeless song knows the ins and outs of grief as Paul McCartney wrote it as an ode to his mother, who passed on when he was 14. Let it Be shares that even in troublesome and dark times “there will be an answer,” to your pain, your grief, your questions, and your worries. And even if you don’t find an answer, that is okay. Just let things be because everything will fall into place in time, and you will eventually find yourself where you are meant to be.


  1. O-o-oh Child – The Five Stairsteps

“Oooh child, things are gonna get easier. Ohhhh, child, things are gonna get brighter!”

If you feel down in the dumps, this is a positive song that will remind you that there is nowhere else to go but up when you hit rock bottom. This classic song released in the 70s may seem familiar because it was showcased in the Guardians of the Galaxy where the lead plays the song after his mother’s death. Indeed, it is a fitting song with “Things are gonna get easier” as the key message. It expresses the frustrations of feeling stuck in a rut- an endless cycle of sadness. But, despite all the odds, things will indeed eventually get brighter for anyone.


Final Wrap Up

When you feel down, alone, and in heaps of struggle, listen to these five songs as they will give you comfort. Sometimes, we just need a little song to calm our heavy emotions, to bring joy into our life, to put our feelings to word, and to put our hearts at ease. All these songs remind us that pain does not last indefinitely. Like joy or surprise, it will fade out, too. Sadness, pain, and grief are parts of life. Though they are not pleasant, they build our character and make us stronger.