Thormeyer, Bodo


Bodo Thormeyer

September 11, 1930 – January 26, 2021

Bodo Thormeyer died suddenly at his home on Tuesday, January 26 th, 2021 in his 91 st year. Loving husband to the late Helga for 63 years, whom he devotedly cared for during the last 5 years of her life. Caring father to Frank (Lorena) and Kelly (Russell). Proud grandfather and Opa to Alexandra, Christian, David, and Adam.

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Bodo immigrated to Canada in 1952, followed by Helga, whom he married in Toronto in 1955. Bodo and Helga settled in Mississauga to raise their family. He worked at Astra Pharmaceuticals for 42 years, before retiring in 1996. They had a full life together, with many friends and an active social life. Bodo was always the life of the party and headed more than one of the established greater Toronto German clubs. They also enjoyed traveling, re-visiting friends and family in Germany, wintering with friends in Florida, and taking trips to various other world destinations. Bodo will be sadly missed by his family and all the many people whose lives he touched.




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  1. Karl Virkus
    Karl Virkus says:

    Condolences Frank, Kelly and Families on the loss of Bodo. I know he will be missed, think of him often!
    The picture above is how I will remember him.

    Karl and Kelly Virkus

  2. Alexandra Thormeyer
    Alexandra Thormeyer says:

    A humorous Opa, loving Father and devoted Husband. My Opa would always let you know what was on his mind, in a way that you couldn’t help but smile because he was always so straightforward. There was no beating around the bush with Opa. When there were things needing to be done, he got them done – properly and efficiently, with no room for worry. He was also very caring and generous. Consistently checking up on his children and grandkids to make sure they were doing alright, or just calling so he could hear our voices, especially after Oma died.

    Oma was his foundation, and even when she fell ill, the selfless act of taking care of her kept Opa going and his resolve strong. It was a very lonely 2 years for Opa without Oma, so I am glad that they are now reunited, smiles on their faces once more, as they watch us from above. Though it is hard to deal with not having been able to say goodbye, I deeply hope that he knows that we all love him very much.

    Ich Liebe Dich, Opa.

  3. Connie Vince
    Connie Vince says:

    I have only known Bodo for a short time and knew him to have been a true gentleman. He joined our Skat Club, The Berliner Skat Club – HANSA, in 2019 and was a mild mannered and well respected Skat player. He was quick to smile and it was a pleasure to have him in our company. He was one of the nicest men I have ever met.

    Sadly, he will be missed by myself and all the members of our club.

    My most sincere condolences to the family, Connie

  4. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    Dear family, my deepest condolences to you all!
    We been friends since the 1960tis, nown Helga from the Bank and was surprised that Bodo was her husband, since I nown him from picking up the money from my sons newspaper delivery. We had lots of fun during Karneval and party’s. He looked after Helga so well, DID NOT EXPECT HIM TO PASS AWAY THAT EARLY, since I talked to him the week before and he sounded good. Both will be in my thoughts always.

  5. Harry
    Harry says:

    Bodo was my first friend when I came to Canada in 1953. We always hat a lot of fun, lots of party’s, especially at all the Karnevals dances. I was deeply shocked of his passing! He will never be forgotten!

  6. Frank Muschalla
    Frank Muschalla says:

    Bodo my first boss when I was 8 years old delivering the G&M, and I’ve known him ever since. He came by every week back then to collect the booty.  I always liked the man because he always saw me as a person, rather than just a kid, which was not at all common back then.  Bodo was like a boiled egg.   Hard on the outside, but warm on the inside.  Always ready to laugh at any situation.
    RIP Bodo.  Love Frank

  7. Christian Thormeyer
    Christian Thormeyer says:

    My Opa was a proud, kind, and caring man whose dry sense of humour always was met with a smile wherever he went. His gruff exterior was just a facade for his generous and social heart. He had a way of making everyone in a room feel respected and special. My Opa lived and loved in a long and happy life filled with loving family and a multitude of friends. He spent 63 of those with my Oma and was by her side until the end, taking care of her selflessly and religiously. My Opa was a role model and a gentleman. He will be missed. I love you Opa.

  8. Tesarsch
    Tesarsch says:

    Our sincere sympathy to the family of Bodo.
    Bodo was our good neighbor and friend for many years
    R.I.P. Bodo
    Fred and Cathy Tesarsch.

  9. Lorena Thormeyer
    Lorena Thormeyer says:

    Bodo loved people. He was ever ready to get to know and make a new friend. He and his beloved wife,
    Helga, had a lust for life that was contagious, that could lift anyone’s spirits, and which they freely
    shared through the many social gatherings they organized at their home. There didn’t need to be a big
    occasion to gather with friends and enjoy other people’s company. At the same time, Bodo was also
    quite philosophical about life, sharing insightful thoughts that would give meaning to or provide solace
    in troubled times. The loss of Helga in 2019 left Bodo broken-hearted, adrift, without a purpose, after
    devotedly caring for her for so many years in her failing health, prior to her passing. The COVID
    pandemic further isolated him from surviving friends. His only wish was to once again be with his
    beloved Helga. God finally granted him his wish. We will miss you deeply, Bodo!

  10. Frank Thormeyer
    Frank Thormeyer says:

    My father was always there if you needed something. I never experienced a time when he ever broke a
    promise to anyone. Commitment was to be expected. Friendship was a bond not to be broken. He gave
    me unconditional love. What else could anyone ask for? He lived his last 2 years without my mother,
    Helga, which was hard on him. He had a long life, blessed with a loving family, a good home, and
    relatively good health. A sudden death is a blessing to the person passing, but it also left me no time to
    say my final “I love you, dad!” and to tell him how much I appreciated the support he gave me
    throughout my life. We may not have always seen eye to eye on everything, but still, we and everyone
    else knew how much we loved each other. Dad, I pray that you are now reunited with your beloved
    wife, my mother. I will miss you dearly. Your loving son, Frank.


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