The Modern Look of Cremation Urns

modern cremation urnsEvery time something is given a new spin, it often stirs mixed feelings, but when it comes to cremation urns evolving with the times, the change is more than welcomed. When less focus is given on death itself and more attention is poured out on the life well lived, the funeral homes have caught up with its clients’ beliefs. While traditional urns are still popular with families opting for cremation, a growing niche has formed for creative designs, materials, and personalization possibilities.

Cremation memorials that reflects your loved one’s personality and interests are more and more favored by families. Most of them have dual functions. A photobox urn will allow you to insert smiling photos of your loved one before you perch it on your office desk without raising anyone’s eyebrows. A pendant urn will allow you to wear the container like any other necklace. A custom-made sculpture that encases an urn, along with other decorative items, can now easily complement the interior décor of your home. Finding that ideal memento that keeps the memory of your loved one a part of your daily life is the goal of these new crop of urns and the many choices out there is proof to that.