Cremation Urns for Two

burial servicesThe preference for cremation over the traditional burial has reached to such heights that even the special requests in urn design have found their niche in the market. Couples can now have the option of having coordinated urns to put their ashes in after they pass on. Those who share such close relationships in their lifetimes such as sisters or close friends, can opt for the same as a way of giving tribute to the person they treasure most in their lives. One of the more common choice and probably the easiest to coordinate are the pillow boxes made from recycled paper and cardboard. These bio degradable urns are good for the environment and can easily be transported to different locations if the ashes are to be scattered.

For urns that are to be displayed on mantles to serve as art pieces, matching sculptures in glass or wood are good options. You can even have these statues customized according to the common interest or hobby that you both share or you can pick any theme, such as nature or animals, that has complementing designs available to symbolize your treasured relationship.