The Beauty of Cremation Bracelets

cremation urn memorialThe formal and stark cremation urns of old have now morphed into an assortment of vessels that symbolized the deceased’s life best.  Some have taken the form of jewelries that come in various designs that are sure to charm their wearer. These wearable urns can be a adorable pendant, an attractive ring, or a lovely bracelet. Cremation bracelets come in the form of a bangle with cuffs to contain the ashes or a simple chain from which a charm, that doubles as an urn, hangs. Materials can be in sterling silver, titanium, and other metals. If you want them to be more personalized, you can have them engraved with your own or your loved one’s initials. You can marvel at the other creative designs wherein the urn has been discreetly integrated.

To help ease your journey to a life without the person who passed, you can turn to the cremation bracelet for solace. Since it contains your loved one’s remains, wearing the bracelet will always keep them near you wherever you go. They even come in a nice box just in case you wish to give it as a present to a grieving friend.