To Send Or Not To Send Flowers

Is it alright to send flowers on a funeral, especially when you can’t pay the dearly departed a visit? Some people readily say yes, it is just right because this custom has been with us for as long as we can remember. However, other more pragmatic people say that it depends on the situation and the preference of the immediate family members. So, if you are not sure if you will send flowers or no flowers to the dead, here are some tips that will help you decide.


What Do The Remaining Family Members Want?

Rather than sending flowers right off the bat, it would be wiser to get the feel of the situation first. By the way society is evolving now, more and more grieving families are requesting their friends not to give the customary wreath or funeral sprays. If you are observant, you will notice that some funeral announcements carry the phrase “In lieu of flowers,” or “Please Omit Flower.” When you see this type of announcement, the family would probably want the sympathizers to donate the amount they would spend in buying flowers to the favorite charity of the deceased. However, there are some drawbacks with such “PO” requests because some people resent the way they are told how to express their sympathies. Whatever the case, you should comply with the request of the family to send flowers or no flowers.


Be Aware Of The Financial Status Of The Family

You should definitely send flowers to the funeral especially if you know that the remaining family members are in a financial bind. If you know that the family can’t afford to buy flowers for the deceased, by all means, you should buy a wreath or a funeral spray. Such a deed will be well-regarded by the family because not only will it show your concern, it will also help to lift up the ambiance in the funeral parlor. A casket bereft of even a single flower will surely look gloomy and drab. After all, a lot of people are still thinking that flowers are always a feature of funerals, and a casket without even a single flower is really very, very strange.


In The Absence Of Specific “PO” Notice, It Is OK To Send Flowers

When there is no specific notice requesting “Please Omit” flowers, it is definitely acceptable for you to send flowers to the funeral parlor. As have already been mentioned, sending flowers to funeral services has been a long-standing tradition all over the world. There are many reasons why this is so. For instance, flower will lift up the spirits of the remaining family members. Flowers help to create a positive mood amidst the usual gloomy situation associated with funeral services. Sending flowers can also forge a bond between you and the grieving family members the same way you can create a bond if you send flowers to a loved one on his or her birthday, or on anniversaries and other special occasions.


Disposing Of Flowers After The Funeral Services

Normally, there should be no problem with the disposal of flowers after the funeral services are over. However, if there is a huge number and volume of wreaths and funeral sprays at the services, the family will have a problem of how and where to dispose of them. Therefore, it would be wise for you to assess the situation at the funeral parlor first, before deciding to send flowers or no flowers. If the parlor is already full of wreaths and funeral sprays, perhaps it would be best to just send a small flower arrangement which the family can take home after the services are over.


Always Remember These Three Concepts

When it comes to sending flowers, it is important to remember these three concepts.

  1. Flowers impart beauty to any occasion and they can also convey your feelings on that particular occasion. The funeral service can be greatly enriched by the presence of beautifully arranged flowers.
  2. Sending flowers are one of the tangible ways you can express your sympathies to the grieving family. They can lift up their spirits at a time when they need encouragement.
  3. If you want to send flowers and the family is not averse to it, don’t just send it to the dead but send them also to the living.