Parents Aggrieved Over Cremation

cremation urnsCertain questions often arise when cremation services are availed of without the consent of the bereaved family. Such is the case of the couple in the UK wherein the mother had given birth to a stillborn son and the baby was then taken away to be cremated without them being told about it. Some funeral directors would just take matters into their own hands as long as they obtain any signed document by the parents opting for cremation. While the funeral director in this case had to pay a fine for his forgery, the parents had been robbed of those last moments with their child.

All the arrangements that the parents had made, including their preferred funeral home, have all gone awry. That they are given the remains and still have the a say on which of the cremation urns to get and how to dispose of the ashes, are of little consolation to them. Not having been able to carry their son to full term, compounded by their grief over the scheming funeral director’s actions, they are now asking for no less than more stringent law requirements to apply on cases like theirs. They may not be able to correct the mistakes done to them, but they are hoping that these would not be repeated in the future.