“My Angel” – performed by Kellie Pickler

“My Angel” – performed by Kellie Pickler

Every day when school got out
I’d get off the bus and I’d run down
That old dirt road where you were waiting for me
On the front porch in that blue swing
You’d be smiling and we would sing
Amazing Grace and Jesus Loves Me

You were like my mother
You were my best friend
You were everything I want to be
And all the good inside of me
There’s never been
Never been another
That loved me like you did
My grandmother, my angel

Even though I can’t touch your face
I feel you with me every day
I wish you could see all my dreams coming true
When I get lost I close my eyes
And I feel you shining down so bright
I feel you shining down on me

[Chorus: x2]

My angel

A lot of people are very close with their grandparents. This is because the grandparents are often there when the parents are out to work. So when a grandparent passes away, a deep kind of loss is always felt by the family. The song “My Angel” performed by Kellie Pickler is one of the funeral songs that can be very applicable to the loss of a grandmother. The song lyrics are very touching because it talks about a grandchild’s experiences with his or her grandma and the things that they will be missing now that she is gone. The song also says that for many people, their grandmothers were more than the parent of their moms. Their grandmothers were also their best friends whom they can enjoy spending time with. And this is exactly why the death of a grandmother is devastating for many members in the family. But as the song goes, the lyrics give a glimmer of hope to the family since it tells everybody that their grandmothers will be watching over them from up above. They will still be with you every day and they will shine over you like stars during the night. Families usually order cremation jewelry after the cremation of the remains of their grandmother so that they can bring a piece of her wherever they go. For more songs for funerals, you may visit www.songmeanings.net.