How to Find the Right Song for a Funeral

During the funeral service, people are very emotional. A very important part of the service that needs to be looked into is the choice for the funeral music. The songs that you play during the service will help maintain a certain type of mood and they will also commemorate the dead properly.

Songs can invoke emotions but they also help in the healing process. Whether the casket of the deceased is present or the cremation urns are on display during the service, choosing the right song is crucial.

If you are assigned the task of determining which songs to play, here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • Ask the family on the type of songs that they want. In most cases, the types of songs that are played during the funeral service or the cremation will be indicated in the will of the deceased. Since the family knows what the contents of the will are, you can ask the members for the type or genre of songs that were requested by the deceased. If the songs have not been indicated, the family’s decision will be honored.
  • Take note of the culture, tradition, and religion of the deceased. Funeral services can be very cultural and some people follow their traditions very strictly. In these cases, you must always research and find out which songs are acceptable in their respective rites. Religious songs and hymns will usually be requested and some traditional folk music can also be played in some instances.
  • Look for songs that are inspirational. Inspirational songs are very appropriate during funerals because people are feeling very sad and down due to the loss of a loved one. Through inspirational songs, people will feel uplifted and they will be filled with hope. Just like songs, other components of the funeral such as funeral poems and quotes should also give inspiration.