How to Choose Water-Friendly Urns

bio degradable cremation urnsOne indication of top-notch cremation services is the funeral home’s ability to offer you that a range of urns suitable for the kind of scattering you have planned for your loved one. To go all-out green on your choices, you have to check the materials used for these urns so they will not harm the water.

  • To float and sink
    The usual floating urn that will break up when soaked in water is the one that is made from sand and held together by gelatine. These urns come in different shapes, colors and sizes so you have plenty of options to choose from.
  • To tumble along
    Cremation urns that are intended to be released on the river’s bubbling waters also need to be biodegradable and should disintegrate without polluting the river. Although urns that are made out of recycled paper are ideal, you have to inquire about the inks used to dye them and the adhesive that holds them together.
  • To carry sentiments
    A special urn with a slot and accompanied by a few blank paper notes will allow everyone present in the memorial to write down messages for your loved one.