Floral Arrangements for Cremation Urns

cremation urn flowersWhen you had opted for the direct cremation for your loved one, you may have to wait until after the cremation services are over to hold a memorial for them. In memorials planned after cremation, as opposed to those before the burials, there is no body inside a casket to view. Thus, you may want to plan for a special floral arrangement to highlight the table or pedestal where you will be placing the cremation urn. Just be sure to order from local florists or those who can guarantee same-day deliveries so you will have arrangements that are blooming at their peak.

  1. Wreaths – For less than a couple hundred bucks, you can add a special touch on the cremation urn with wreaths containing flowers of your choice. Roses in shades of reds and pinks would be perfect to cocoon a lady’s urn.
  2. Floral Baskets – If you wish not to add too much on the cremation costs, you can opt for a basket made from willow and a variety of orchids for less than a hundred dollars. You can nestle the urn at its center.
  3. Other Tabletop Arrangements – A horizontal spread of roses, lilies, carnations and other blooms, with candles and other keepsakes is another elegant option to look into, especially if you have a bigger table available.

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