Different Methods of Cremation

cremation process mississaugaThe process of cremation has already been practiced for millions of years. According to history books, even the earth’s ancestors already practiced cremation in the past.

Today, there are more people who would prefer getting cremation services in their funeral plans because a particular service is much cheaper compared to the traditional burial.

Experts say that the process of cremation is actually very good for the rest of the people because burning the body of the dead can eliminate different types of viruses and bacteria. During the time of the plague, all dead bodies were cremated because of this reason.

Nowadays, there are different options on how the cremation will be done.

The very first type is cremation through funeral pyres.
 This method is one of the oldest known ways of cremation.
 The body is being cremated in open air.
 This is done by wrapping the dead body and placing it on top of a flammable surface like wood. The wood is then set on fire and the body is burnt with it.

In today’s modern times, the tradition of cremation through funeral pyres is slowly diminishing. People in the city can certainly not just burn a dead body in open air since there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed. There are different crematoriums that will offer to perform basic cremation to the body of your late loved one for a fee.

 These crematoriums use ovens where the body is placed inside and will be burnt for a few hours under extremely high temperatures.
 It takes an average of 2 to 3 hours to turn the body into ashes.
 If there are still chunks left especially the bones, grinding will be applied. They are to be mixed with the ash and everything is given to the family.
 The family can now use different urns to store the ashes. It can be kept at home or placed in an ash mausoleum.

If the family wants a much earth- friendly approach, a new process called resomation can be done. It uses lesser heat but it can still turn the body into ashes.