Dennis Farina of Law and Order dies at 69

Dennis Farina For the past few months, Hollywood has lost a lot of notable people through death. The most recent one is Dennis Farina who appeared in many movies and television series over the past few decades. One of his most popular television roles was in the hit series ‘Law and Order’ where he played Detective Joe Fontana.

Reports came in about Dennis Farina’s death on July 22, 2013 through his publicist. News of his death devastated his co-stars, the people behind the cameras, his colleagues in Chicago, and his fans. He was laid to rest Tuesday after an intimate funeral service held at Assumption Catholic Church. His former classmates were there too to bid farewell.

The cause of death of Dennis Farina was pulmonary embolism wherein a clot blocked the main blood vessels supplying blood to the lungs. He was brought to a health institution in Scottsdale, Arizona unfortunately, he died at the hospital. He was 69 when he passed away.

Farina will always be remembered through his real portrayal of his roles. He was known to be very keen on his acting skills especially because he had first-hand experience on being a detective even before he became an actor. Friends and co-workers of Farina in showbiz describe him as a well-rounded individual. He can do serious roles, action roles, and even comedy roles as he was recently seen on few episodes of the comedy series ‘New Girl’.

The death of Dennis Farina is devastating to his long- time partner and his three (3) sons with their grandchildren. But he will always be remembered as a loving and caring partner and father. Funeral poems, flowers, quotes, prayers, and well-wishes have been offered by friends and fans to the family of Dennis Farina.