Cremation Service Arrangements for a Loved One

Making cremation service arrangements might sound simple but if you are making these engagements for a loved one or someone who is dearly close to you, the emotions can get into the way of smooth transactions.

Just like traditional funeral services, there will still be necessary arrangements that will need to be done even if the body will be cremated. You can make these preparations on your own or you can also seek the help of other family members.

Either way, the directors at funeral homes and crematoriums can give you guidelines on what you need to accomplish for the service.

  • Ask the hospital on who you can talk to regarding the handling of the remains of your loved one. They can also give you information on where to get the death certificate and which type of document to file.
  • Always determine if your deceased loved one has preplanned his or her funeral ahead of time. If a will is present, make sure that you accomplish everything that is written on the will regarding the funeral. If the deceased has been paying for funeral planning years ahead, contact that specific funeral home to check on which services it can give with respect to the package or plan that your family member had chosen.
  • Decide whether you want to have basic cremation of the body before or after the service has been done. Some families would like to have the friends and family see the body first before it will be cremated but some people would also want to simply display the urn during the service. If you want to cremate the body after the service, you will still need to arrange for a casket.
  • Send out invitations and print an obituary in the local paper to inform family and friends on when and where the service will be.