Cremation Planning for Large Families

cremation services for large familyWhen you are keeping a close eye on cremation costs, it might help if you choose from among the value packages offered by the funeral home instead of picking individual services. However, when you belong to a huge but close-knit clan or if you expect distant relatives and a wide circle of friends to come down to pay their last respects to your loved one, then you may want to choose those packages that can include them. More often than not, though, the costs will still be less expensive than a regular burial.

Time for Reflection and Comfort

To give an opportunity for everyone to condole with the family and gather in prayer, allocate sufficient viewing hours at the funeral home’s larger rooms. You can rent out a casket for this purpose but may have to pay for embalming or refrigeration costs to preserve the body before cremating it. Expect that the memorial or the church service would be well attended so plan for good venue for those.

A Remembrance to Share

Dividing the remains between blended families should also be considered. To accommodate everyone, you can opt to purchase several cremation urns in smaller sizes instead of a large one.