Cremation Paperwork

The death of someone in the family is surely very devastating. But amidst all the grief that everybody is feeling, there are still a lot of essentials that would have to be accomplished to properly send the remains of your loved one on the way to a proper funeral.

There are a lot of files and paperwork that need to be completed and submitted. To guide you with what you need to accomplish, here are the most important documents related to death:

  • Death Certificate. Out of all the files and paperwork that you need to accomplish, the death certificate is definitely the most important one of them all. This is because the other types of paperwork would be based on the death certificate. After the death of your loved one, this certificate must be accomplished since funeral and cremation homes would not proceed with the basic cremation without seeing a copy of it. This certificate is the proof that a person is truly dead. A copy of the death certificate will also be sent to account managers, banks, agencies, and debtors. When other agencies need a copy of the death certificate, they would usually ask for a certified true copy and not just a photo copy of the original file.
  • Authorization for Cremation. When the cremation provider is contacted that you would need their cremation services, they would initially ask for the death certificate before transactions are made further. But before the actual cremation of the body begins, an authorization for cremation will have to be furnished and signed by the members of the family of the deceased. This authorization is a written proof that the family is approving the cremation.
  • Obituary. The obituary is the method on how the family can announce to the public that one of their family members passed away. It is usually printed in the newspaper where everyone can see.