Cremation Prices as of June 1, 2019

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Service Charge
Consultation with licensed staff $350.00
Documentation, permits, forms etc. $200.00
Transport remains $125.00
Facilities to shelter remains $125.00
Direct Cremation Package
Direct Cremation Service Charge $800.00
OSB Cremation Container $95.00
HST $116.35
Disbursements (no tax)
Coroner Fee $75.00
Death Registration Fee $55.00
Cremation Fee (St. John’s Dixie) $612.00
Grand Total $1753.35
Additional Services and Supplies
Staff Organization and Attendance at Memorial Service $375.00
Staff For Reception (Coffee and Tea Included) $175.00
Witnessing Cremation $100.00
Identification of Deceased $150.00
Funeral Coach (Hearse) $450.00
After Hours Two Person Transfer (This charge is in addition to the standard transfer to our establishment from nursing home, residence, and hospice etc) $250.00
Composing of Newspaper Notice $50.00
Clothing For Deceased Varies

*Pricing in effect until further notice – H.S.T 13% applicable unless otherwise stated
*Caskets may be changed or substituted with a different casket.

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Chris Silverthorne- Owner

Licensed by Bereavement Authority of Ontario: License #705

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Google Review

Jeff S
Jeff S
06:09 16 Dec 11
Help with my Fathers Cremation Urn and other Funeral Services. Although we were going out of town for my fathers services, I was able to work with Tranquility to choose framed photos and service cards and an URN for transportation. This was done very quickly and took pressure off our family for choosing things over the phone with the other Funeral. Thanks Chris.
Mike Walde
Mike Walde
03:38 13 May 12
Mara Lisa
Mara Lisa
00:01 21 Feb 12
Sean W
Sean W
17:47 26 Jul 18
Thank you for all of your help this past spring. Having to plan this from far away could have been rougher than it was on all of us. Once we arrived in Mississauga for the funeral it was nice to know things were already taken care of
Ellen Douglas
Ellen Douglas
14:55 26 Sep 18
You were kind, patient and helpful during a difficult time. Thank you.
Wayne Zachar
Wayne Zachar
22:53 23 Mar 19
On behalf of Laura, Debbie and I, we want to thank Brittany for helping us through a difficult time, and everything that she did to help us plan the celebration of life for my brother at St. John’s Dixie Crematorium. Brittany was very professional, empathetic and client focused. Along with her colleagues, she covered all of the bases and explained everything very clearly. As well, Brittany came to the celebration before it started to make sure everything was taken care of. The ladies at St. John’s were also very helpful setting up the room ( flowers, food, tables, etc.) and assisting throughout the event.
Judy P
Judy P
01:54 24 Jun 19
Our story begins in March 2019, when my daughter and I learned of her father’s sudden death – sadly, a suicide. As we all know, any death of a family member is heartbreaking and overwhelming, but grieving this type of loss can be almost insurmountable, especially since there was no acknowledgement of my daughter, his only child, in his farewell note. After dealing with the frustration over who should have the rights to the ashes, we finally obtained a portion and set out with the task of finding a suitable urn to take the remains out of province and back to my daughter’s home. This is where Tranquility Funeral Services Inc. enters the scene. On our quest to find an appropriate urn to transport and rest him in, one by one, we visited several funeral homes and outlets that offered in-house purchases. By day’s end, we finally stopped at Tranquility Funeral Services Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario. Greeting us, Funeral Director, Dawne, very sympathetically listened to our sorrowful account of events. She expressed kind words of condolences and further inquired about my daughter’s impending travel arrangements that were planned for the next day. During our conversation, she raised an important concern about airline regulations pertaining to travelling with a deceased person’s remains. She pointed out that certain airlines may not allow the ashes onto a plane without an official Cremation Certificate. Hearing this, we were taken aback because, until this point, no one had ever mentioned this potential problem. Realizing that we were unprepared, within a matter of seconds Dawne offered to reach out to the crematorium. We provided the necessary information and she made the call on my daughter’s behalf. Dawne stressed the direness of my daughter’s travel timeline and after a few minutes, the representative faxed the paperwork. Unfortunately, the fax was too dark to read any details regarding our deceased family member, whereupon, Dawne attempted to lighten the image numerous times to make it legible, but to no avail. After calling the crematorium repeatedly, she was ultimately informed that the original documentation was located at the funeral home where our deceased had been prepared and that we would have to contact them directly for a better copy.Noticing that we had been there for quite some time, Cynthia, the Manager of Tranquility Services Inc. came out of her office to offer assistance (as did other staff members as well). She listened to the challenges my daughter and I had encountered throughout the day and during the grieving process overall. Cynthia then asked how she could expedite the situation and jumped immediately into action, contacting the funeral home on our behalf. While waiting for the release of the form that we required, Cynthia also inquired if we had found a suitable urn for Dad. She prompted us to retrieve the ashes from our car. Attempting to lighten my daughter’s burden, especially in lieu of the very difficult day that we had already experienced, she stated, “You can’t let your Dad get on the plane without pants, do you mind if take him and find him something appropriate to travel in?” We agreed, and surrendered his remains to the thoughtful and loving hands of Cynthia. Moments later, she emerged with his ashes beautifully contained in a lovely wooden box. She exclaimed to my daughter, “Now your Dad has some pants on and he’s ready to travel!” We were overcome with tears of joy! In a matter of two hours, the wonderful team at Tranquility Funeral Services Inc. had lifted our spirits, represented us with extreme professionalism, treated us with the utmost of kindness and respect, and honoured the memory of our loved one. Remarkably, they also refused to take any sort of payment for their services!Clearly, we were destined to meet these fantastic people! To everyone at Tranquility Funeral Services Inc. in Mississauga, thank you for the love and compassion that you provided to us. We will remain forever grateful for your heartfelt generosity.The Pattisons,Hamilton, Ontario