Ashes on Portraits: A Truly Unique Keepsake

cremation urns mississaugaBereaved families who wish to keep a part of the ashes of their loved one who passed often go for cremation jewelry and other keepsakes. A portrait is one such memorial. To make it more personal, some artists can incorporate the ashes into it as well. When considering this project, note that:

1.  Only a small portion of the ashes is used. If you have distributed the ashes among the members of the family in cremation urns, there is no need to take them back in order to commission a portrait. The face of your loved one may appear on the canvas but the ashes are painted on in discreet places. You may then notice that some strokes are more textured than the rest and only then will you realize that the remains are indeed part of the picture. Thus, there is no need for you to send the bulk of the ashes.

2.  Expect to shell out. Just like any art work that you commission an artist for, these portraits do come at a price. It is best that you look around for artists who have experience in this specialized area so the job will not only be done faster, it will be tastefully rendered. The memory of your loved one deserves nothing less.