5 Most Popular Funeral Flowers and What They Mean

Flowers are a unique language unto their own. For this reason, many different cultures around the globe use flowers as a traditional component of funeral and cremation services. The variety or species and color of the flowers signify meaningful messages. For this reason, flowers are often used to express love, concern, care, and deep sympathies. 

If you choose to give a pretty funeral arrangement as your way of condoling with the bereaved family, you’re making an excellent choice. When heavy emotions are difficult to talk about, you can use flowers to express your sentiments. Send the blooms along with cards containing poignant funeral poems or even quotes. 

This gesture shows your support for the bereaved family members as they go through this difficult period in their lives. Remember, every flower species holds a special meaning. Read on to learn the top 5 most popular funeral flowers and find out what they mean. 



Though many people think these pretty blooms are associated with romantic love, it is also a popular choice for funeral flowers. After all, roses typically bloom in a wide array of colors with different meanings. Take a look at the following color connotations:

  • Yellow roses: This shade carries no romantic feeling but offers caring, camaraderie, and friendship.
  • Dark red roses: This is a popular choice for showing grief and sorrow. 
  • White roses: This symbolizes youthfulness, humility, reverence, and innocence. 
  • Pink roses: This shows love, appreciation, gentility, and grace. 



It is common to see lilies in memorial services. In fact, they are associated with this event. Flower enthusiasts say lilies are symbolic. They represent a deep meaning that the soul of the person being laid to rest has returned to a state of purity or innocence. 

On top of that, the color of your chosen lily also conveys meaning. Of course, the color white equates to majesty and purity. Meanwhile, the stargazer variant especially connotes deep sympathies. 



It is common to find these pretty flowers in funerals because they hold quite a few cultural meanings surrounding the concept of death. In fact, in a few Asian and European countries, the flower symbolizes death, mourning, and lamentation. Hence, in these regions, these flowers are reserved for memorials, funerals, and graveside use. However, in North America, many people see white chrysanthemums as a signifier of truth. 



These lovely flowers are renowned worldwide for their strong fragrance that also holds great lasting power. For this reason, carnations are a top choice for funeral arrangements. They’re not just pretty but smell nice, too. When they tickled you nose, they have a calming effect. 

Since carnations come in a few colors, you can give a vibrant bouquet. Moreover, each hue signifies something. Take a look at them below:

  • Red shows admiration
  • Pink stands for memories or remembrance
  • White evokes innocence and purity of love. 



You will commonly see these cute blooms in fan sprays. They are seen as a classic component of elegant arrangements, even for those used in funerals. Typically, gladioli are comprised of numerous flower stems that can grow up to four feet tool. 

On top of that, gladioli come in a whole gamut of colors like green, salmon, pink, white, yellow, purple, red, and orange. The other name for this flower is sword lilies, which is very fitting because they represent strength and depth of character. They also show integrity and sincerity, making them the perfect blooms for showing your condolences. 


The Final Word

No matter what flower you choose to include in your floral gift, these arrangements are the perfect way to honor the life of your departed love ones. You can leave them on the grave as a sign of respect and remembrance. Best of all, even if you cannot make it due to the distance, you can order blooms online and express how you feel via flowers.

In addition, if you’re looking to show your support and sympathies for the ones left behind, flowers once again make an excellent choice. They cheer up the recipient with their pretty, colorful looks. They also tantalize the nose with their sweet scent. The bereaved family will enjoy looking at your gift, encouraging them to smile through their pain. 

When giving flowers to the bereaved family, don’t forget to include a personal note. You can pick a quote, bible verse, or say what you feel. Showing your condolences with flowers say that you value the deceased and care for the family left behind. You can never go wrong if you opt to show your love and affection with flowers.