Heartfelt Ways to Remember Your Late Mom This Mother’s Day

Any person who has lost their mother will tell you that Mother’s Day can be rough. After all, it’s a day that’s supposed to be all about her. It’s meant to celebrate her role and what she played in your life. Going around the mall and restaurants with posters and banners can be tough. Similarly, scrolling through heartfelt posts on social media can make you feel worse.

It’s very hard not to have a mom because she was an ally who loved you unconditionally. Bear in mind that feeling sad and lonely on this day is perfectly normal. But ignoring Mother’s Day and pretending it doesn’t exist is not healthy. It is vital to your healing to take proactive steps to remember your mother, may it be through reading poems about lost loved ones, listening to songs, or just visiting her grave. Finding ways to stay connected to your mom on this special occasion can make a world of difference. Here are some heartfelt ideas that may help you remember your mom on this 2nd Sunday of May. 

Recapture a Poignant Moment in Time

Make Mother’s Day extra meaningful by recapturing a meaningful moment in your mom’s life. For example, you can retrace your mom’s steps by following her usual hiking trail. Alternatively, you can replicate her favorite day trip and recreate the photos she took. You can study her old photos and copy the same poses, outfits, and backdrops where she took her pics. You can have fun making a then-and-now mini photo album. It’s a creative way to stay connected to your mom from beyond the grave. 

Preserve Her Famous Recipe

Most moms have a recipe card for a favorite dish. Usually, it’s handwritten on a card or piece of paper, because that’s how it usually was in their generation. If you don’t want this to get faded, tattered, or smeared with ingredients, you can memorialize it and ensure it lasts for generations to come. You can transpose this handwritten recipe into a beautiful serving dish. Prairie Hills Pottery can transform it into an elegant ceramic. You can do this for many other written or printed mementos left by your mom. 

Begin a Memory Chain

This fun project will take a few weeks to complete. But it is an excellent way to connect with others who have loved your mom, too. Best of all, it allows you to bridge time and distance. You can start by buying a blank journal and filling it with personal anecdotes about your mom. You can also fill it up with funeral poems and quotes. Next, compile and print a mailing list of willing participants who also want to share a funny story or sentimental anecdote about her. Then, send it to one person along with the mailing list, so the participant can tick off himself from the list and send the journal to the next one. 

Each recipient will have a grand time recording memories about your mom before passing them to the next person on the list. At the end of this project, you will have a beautiful remembrance token. You can celebrate Mom’s Day reminiscing memories and reading new stories about her. This project allows you to see different facets of your mom, allowing her memory to live on. 

Honor Her With a Random Act of Kindness

Give your mom a fitting tribute on Mother’s Day day by doing something kind for someone else in her honor. There are many different ways to do this such as:

  • Preparing meals for a neighbor
  • Volunteering at your mom’s favorite shelter
  • Donating to a charity she supported
  • Adding coins to a stranger’s parking meter
  • Buying someone coffee

The list goes on because there’s no limit to kindness. Doing something lovely for a stranger in memory of your mom is a win-win situation for all. The stranger will feel good and so will you because it always feels nice to genuinely share, may it be your time or material goods. And most likely, your mom who’s watching over you from heaven will also feel proud of your heartfelt gesture. 

Try Making a Calligraphy Out of Her Sayings

Chances are your mom had favorite words and phrases that she liked to say. It could be words of wisdom like: “You will never know the love of a parent until you become one yourself.” It could also be a funny or ridiculous expression like “Hogwash!” “Fiddlesticks,” or “Sarangheo!” Write them all down in a fancy style on a piece of paper and have it framed. Alternatively, you can compile them in a journal. Reading back her favorite words and phrases can be very comforting, especially when you’re feeling down and need her voice of reason or guidance. 

Turn a Blank Wall Into a Mini Gallery

Another excellent way to celebrate your mom’s life this Mother’s Day is to create a mini-gallery out of her mementos and pictures. You can frame her diploma, passport, certificates, etc. Putting them behind a frame is a way to tell her own unique story. Kick it up a notch by grouping them in complementary frames. When you’re done, you will have an amazing pictorial history of her life, which you can stare at whenever you miss her. 

There are many creative and heartfelt ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. It all depends on you how you feel. But no matter what you choose, remember that what’s important is your intention. Even if your mother is no longer physically present, her memory lives in you forever. 

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