Dissman, Fred

Fred Dissman passed away peacefully on January 15, 2019 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Etobicoke.  Fred was born in Weil, Germany on December 2, 1931 and leaves behind his two sons, Oliver and Stephen and his granddaughter Olivia. Fred will be remembered as a world traveler, an adventurer, an entrepreneur and a gentleman.

A memorial service will be held for Fred at St. John’s Dixie Cemetery & Crematorium, 737 Dundas Street East in Mississauga (Magnolia Room), Guests can begin to arrive at 11 a.m and the ceremony will begin at 12pm.

Donations in Fred’s memory, in lieu of flowers, can be made to the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto

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  1. Suzu
    Suzu says:

    My dear Fred aka PapaBear aka Grandpa Fred

    Thank you so much for coming into my life! I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have known you for the last 40 years.
    You were an incredibly selfless man, so giving of yourself, so generous with your time, kindness, love , and wisdom to share with not only me, but my children, PJ, Karen, and Kelly.
    You were always so respectful and mindful of both my brother, Michel and myself, while dating our Mom, Elsbeth. Thank you for helping me through some very difficult times; I will never forget your kindness despite your own suffering; always there for us.
    We had such wonderful times at Riverwood Parkway, and then in the Cayman Islands. You were always there for Karen teaching and playing with her until Kelly whom you affectionately nicknamed, Mausilein, was born in 1997, a particularly difficult time for you. We spent many wonderful wknds boating and swimming and drinking together on Watersedge road. You continued to be my Papabear and Grandpa to my children to the end and I am so grateful that we all got to see you at the Old Mill a couple of weeks ago. We are all so grateful! We love you Grandpa Fred! Rest In Peace! Loving you always, suzu

  2. Karen Legg
    Karen Legg says:

    For me, Fred was an incredibly special person. Since I can remember he was always grandpa Fred or papa bear. He was with my grandmother for a long time and took the place of being me and my sisters grandpa during and after his relationship with my grandmother. We grew up seeing grandpa Fred at his condo in Toronto, which is where I not only learned to play solitaire on his computer in the office, but also where grandpa Fred managed to convince me to eat soft boiled eggs, and that was quite the feat. Fred would come to watch us when we were little and for many Christmas’s we would spend it together. We would often visit grandpa Fred and grandma in the Cayman Islands where we would enjoy swimming in the warm weather and waking them up by crawling in between them for a morning cuddle. Grandpa Fred was there for all of our major life moments including many birthdays, graduations and send offs with the most recent being when we laid my grandma to rest. Early on Grandpa Fred played a pivotal role in my moms life by helping her on numerous occasions and providing loving advice to a young girl. Fred helped my mom back from lots of tough times and helped my mom get her life back on track. I know that she truly thinks Fred saved her and for that I will always love and be eternally grateful to Fred. To me, Fred was a remarkable giving person who took the place of a father for my mother and acted as a loving grandfather for me and my siblings. It truly takes a special person to form that connection with individuals that you aren’t biologically related to and have no obligation to. We will forever remember and miss our papa bear.
    I truly believe that grandpa Fred is now in a better place and finally with his love, Charlotte.
    Love you always,



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