“Fill Your Heart” performed by David Bowie or Tiny Tim

Fill your heart with love today Don't play the game of time Things…

“Going Home” – Bill & Gloria Gaither

Many times in my in child hood when we traveled so far By nightfall…

“I Can Never Go Home Anymore” – The Shangri-Las (1965)

I'm gonna hide if she don't leave me alone I'm gonna run away Don't! 'cause…

“Here Without You” performed by 3 Doors Down

A hundred days have made me older Since the last time that I…

“I’ll See You Again” – Westlife

Always you will be part of me And I will forever feel your strength When…

“If” (Bread)

If a picture paints a thousand words Then why can't I paint…

“Last Game of The Season (Blind Man In The Bleachers)” – David Geddes (1975)

He's just the blind man in the bleachers To the local home town…

“Lay Me Down” - Sam Smith

Yes, I do, I believe that one day I will be where I was Right…

“Longer” – Dan Fogelberg

Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean Higher than any…