Urns for the Race Car Enthusiasts

Cremation MemorialCremation memorials have become so personalized these days that even avid car racing fans can have their own keepsake patterned after their passion. These urns can be customized further with the painting on of the sponsor’s logos, the car number, and other detailed features that make the car so special for the deceased. Your name can even be engraved on them before they are mounted on a handsome wood base that is ideal for displaying them on shelves and mantels.

Race car cremation urns are not the only choices you have since urns can also be shaped into racing motorcycles if that is your preference. Certainly, these individualized memorials will not fail to bring a smile to your loved ones faces once they see that your fondness for the sport is represented well by your final resting place. The race car designs are also not limited to urns because cremation jewelry designs are catching up with the race car fever and can provide for you with enough options to choose from and wear wherever you want. Motocross fans or even those that slave over their babies while alive should be excited to have these design options for their own ashes.

Source: https://www.inthelighturns.com/funeral-information/race-car-urns/