Top 3 Reasons Why Cremation is Preferred

cremation servicesOpting for cremation services over traditional burial has become more and more popular these days that it has started to edge out the latter in the past year. A surveyed group of people have weighed in their reasons.

  • Less expensive. Almost a third of those who participated in the survey reiterate the general impression that you are likely to spend less for cremation costs than for burial costs. For the latter, you will be needing the cemetery plot, a casket, and a headstone, and these can get pricey. While it is also true that, with additional items like an elaborate casket or memorial service, the price of cremation can rise, most basic packages are still over $1000 cheaper than the traditional burial.
  • Uses less land. With more people being environmentally conscious, about 13% of the respondents prefer cremation because the ashes take much less space than a person’s body. Even if you wish your ashes to be buried, a single cemetery plot can contain a good number of urns.
  • More simple to conduct. The cremation process is indeed less fussy than a burial so those who would rather not go through the hassles of planning the latter, can opt for cremation instead.