The Charmed Cremation

cremation jewelry mississaugaCremation jewelry can be considered to be one of the many discreet urns available. Crafted from the finest silver, gold, and other metals, cremation jewelry will never hint to anyone that it bears a hidden receptacle where a part of a loved one who has passed can be stored. Almost all types of jewelry now have an equivalent in cremation jewelry lines, including those adorable charms that hang from chain bracelets. If you want to comfort a close friend or show a gesture of your sympathy but could not spare much cash, these charms are would make the most thoughtful present.

Whether it be to hold a few strands of hair or a pinch of ash, these mini cremation urns would be a discreet container for them. Before purchasing, check how the mechanism works in filling them. There should be some screw or other locking feature that can be sealed tight to keep the mementos inside. The designs are as endless as the regular charms themselves. There are even those that have embedded stones and any other figure you can think of, like sports-related or nature, to best represent the person.