Skydiving with Ashes

cremation ashesThe moment you are handed the ashes of a loved one, it signals the completion of the cremation services. What you do after this is up to you or the wishes of your loved one, if they are made known. One of the sentimental options that you can choose is to scatter the ashes at special places like a park, your backyard or over the sea. A unique way to scatter over the sea is with the help of professional skydivers from a plane.

Perfect Endings

A skydiver is an adventurous soul and once they pass, keeping their ashes in cremation urns may not best reflect their zest for life. If you want to take them to one last trip to the skies, you can charter a skydiving plane and arrange for their ashes to be scattered this way. It will best honor their memory knowing that they had always enjoyed the experience while alive. Even for non-skydivers, the views of the serene waters and sky are enough to make the scattering a memorable one.

Memorial to Keep

If you want a tangible item to hold on to as a remembrance of your loved one, some charters will include a video CD of the memorial.