Saying Goodbye to Andy Williams: Another Music Legend Lost

andy williamsAfter the death of prominent figures in music such as Whiney Houston and Robin Gibb, another music legend died last September 25, 2012 and that was Andy Williams.

Andy Williams was born as Howard Andrew Williams in the year 1927. He died in his home at the age of 84 due to a type of cancer that affected his bladder. Although his family is saddened about the loss, they are happy that he will finally be able to rest from his battle with cancer.

Andy Williams was definitely a legend when it comes to music. Although he was known as a TV personality because of his show called ‘The Andy Williams Show’, he was very big in the music industry.

Now, people are looking back at Mr. William’s contribution to the show business industry.

Here are some of Andy William’s notable accomplishments:

  • He became very famous because he was the one who popularized the song ‘Moon River’ which was written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. His name was always tied with the song even though he was not the first one who actually introduced the tune to the public. He even strengthened his connection with the song when he sang it in the Academy Awards of 1962. He also orchestrated the construction of a theater in his town Branson in Missouri and named it the Andy Williams Moon River Theater.
  • Mr. Williams was also the host of the show ‘The Andy Williams Show’ and it stayed on air for 9 years from 1962 until 1971 in the NBC network. The show was successful and it even raked 3 Emmy Awards. The theme song of the show was also Moon River.
  • Andy William’s Christmas specials were very sought after during the holiday season. He also kept on recording songs and sold a lot of albums which contributed him 18 gold albums and 3 platinum albums as well.
  • With all the lovely songs that he had written and sung, it was very difficult to find the perfect songs for his funeral. Fans were writing funeral poems and love letters to commemorate their crooner.