Picking the best Flower Arrangements for Sympathy

Flower Arrangements CremationsA death in the family is always a sad moment in someone’s life. When a friend or a relative dies, it is always a nice gesture to show sympathy to the bereaved family.

Reasons in Sending Flowers
• Sending flowers for sympathy has been a tradition which is practiced for a long time now.
• Flowers can signify a person’s expression.
• Those blooms will be able to impart support to the family even without saying anything.

Choosing the right flowers to send to a mourning family is as challenging as buying flowers for a valentine. Flowers must be chosen carefully to convey the appropriate message of sympathy.

But before sending flowers, it is important to know the family’s wishes. Some families may opt for donation instead of flowers to cover cremation costs and funeral expenses. But nonetheless, no one can stop you from sending flowers too. When planning to send sympathy flowers, don’t hesitate to ask your local florists on what flowers and arrangements are appropriate for this.

Types of Sympathy Flowers
There are a few types of sympathy flowers for funerals. Flowers are usually found on top of the casket and there are also some arrangements at the bottom and at the sides. Usually, these flowers are provided by the family.
• Flower baskets
The usual types of flowers that friends and relatives can send are flower baskets. Flower baskets are great since they do not need a lot of maintenance. They are also very easy to transport and can stand on their own. When the family decides to do basic cremation, flower baskets will still be appropriate even if a casket is not present.
• Funeral sprays
These are also common during funerals. A cross is usually the shape of choice when it comes to these flower arrangements.
• Wreaths

These are great for funerals too. Wreaths can be place in the entrance of the funeral home or in either side of the casket. Just like funeral sprays, wreaths will need an easel or a stand to keep it upright.

Even after the funeral, families and friends can send a bouquet or a vase full of flowers to their home. There are a lot of designs to pick from. Include a simple note expressing your sympathy.