Personalizing Cremation Ashes

cremation jewelry crystalWhen a loved one has opted for cremation services, the crematorium will take pains in ensuring that the bodies are consistently identified. They will not hold joint burnings for humans and will even allow families to be there so they can immediately receive the ashes to take home. This attention to protecting the identity can be attributed to the fact that upon turning into ashes, the body will lose its unique features.

A Unique Remembrance

Families who wish to bring back their loved one’s identify can do so with certain cremation urns and keepsakes they choose. A glass crystal keepsake, for instance, will be formed using your loved one’s ashes and as unique as their fingerprint, the resulting memento will reflect their own individual composition. You can pick from the translucent crystals or the more opaque ones and at the sizes you need. Moreover, you can even engrave the name of your loved one on them.

Mail and Wait

The process of ordering is just a matter of fulfilling the instructions stated in the kit that you will receive and then sending it back. In just a month or so, the crystal keepsake will be shipped to you to be used as a pendant or any other jewelry.