Personalized Memorial Jewelry

One of the ways to commemorate and to remember your loved ones who have already passed away is through memorial jewelries. These jewelry pieces are actually filled with the ashes of your faithful departed.

After basic cremation, they will only take a teaspoon of the ashes and fill the pieces that you wish to wear. There are different designs and types of jewelries to choose from but it will always be best if you personalize them.

Personalized memorial jewelry pieces are definitely very commemorative. Aside from the fact that the pieces are made with the real ashes of your loved ones, the design and the personalization will also make the jewelry even more special.

Here are a few personalization tips when getting memorial jewelry.

  • Name or Initials Engraving. If putting the ashes of your loved one is not personalized enough for you, you can always choose a jewelry piece that has a surface area wide enough to be engraved with words or letters. Many memorial jewelry makers offer engraving serviced on almost all pieces depending on the size. Some may offer free engraving for the first 2-3 letters while others do this for a small fee.
  • Photo Personalization. Some people would also not just want to remember their loved ones through their ashes but also through their photos. Today, adding a photo to a cremation jewelry piece is already possible. Incorporating a picture into the jewelry can be done in two ways. The first one is through choosing a locket where you can insert a real photo of your loved one and the second option is through photo engraving which is a popular choice.
  • Lockets. If you want personalized memorial jewelry that is quick and easy, you can always choose a locket type. You can fill one side with ashes while the other side can be used to place a picture or a fingerprint, your pet’s fur, hair strands, and even a personal note with your loved one’s handwriting.