Mini Pots as Cremation Urns

mini cremation urnsWhile the cremation industry can be credited to having gone to great lengths in customizing cremation urns by fashioning them into different functional objects or art pieces, finding the right one for you can still get a little tricky. You may not want anything too large or eye-catching that practically screams “urn” every time you look at it. On the other hand, you may not also be that sold out on the idea of cremation jewelry that allows you to wear your loved one’s ashes as an accessory.

As a happy medium, you can look into those cute lidded pots that can fit at the palm of your hand. Measuring at about 2 to 3 inches, these glazed pots can be placed on your shelf or desk without calling attention to itself being an urn. Because of its size, you can easily pack them when you move. Each family member can also have one so whoever may wish to keep a part of the ashes can have a ready container. The designs are also attractive enough to give them out as presents to house your rings and other knickknacks.