Methods of Scattering Cremated Ashes in the Sea

Cremated AshesEver since prices for traditional funerals became higher, more and more people prefer to choose cremation services for their deceased loved ones and for their own funeral insurances.

After the cremation process, the funeral home would give the ashes to the family. It would be the family’s discretion as to how the remains will be handled. Placing them in an urn and burying the container in cemetery is common, however there are those who opt to scatter the ashes on the sea which is also a tradition.

Here are the methods of ash-scattering:

Basket Method. The basket method is one of the popular methods of scattering ashes on the sea since it minimizes the ashes from being blown by the wind to the guests while on the boat. In this method, the ashes are placed in a basket and it is lowered unto the water. Rose petals are placed on top of the ashes for a beautiful look. After the final goodbyes are said, the basket motor will let the basket slightly sink under water and it will tip to allow the ashes to fall down the bottom of the sea while the rose petals float.

Biodegradable Urns. There are also families who prefer the use of biodegradable cremation urns for their loved ones. These urns are lowered into the water and the weight of the urn will allow the ashes to sink ‘til it reaches the bottom of the sea.

• Vase Method. Another method of scattering the ashes over the sea is through the vase method. After cremation, the ashes are placed in a vase and are brought to the sea. When it is time to say goodbye, the ashes are then poured down to the sea straight from the vase. If the water is clear, the guests will see a good display of ash clouds under the surface of the water.