Information to Ask for Before Cremating a Loved One

direct cremationWhen you choose a basic cremation for someone, it may be simpler and less expensive than a burial. However, there are still some items you may wish to clarify with your cremation provider to avoid confusion, additional expenses or failed expectations later.

The Usual Details

The cost for cremation services, its inclusions and exclusions and the schedule of the cremation itself are often discussed with the funeral director. Other queries like your plans for a memorial service, the scattering or other disposal, and the like may also be put on the table.

The What-Ifs

There are some areas in cremation arrangements that you may want to bring up. Some funeral homes would contract with a third party to perform the actual cremation if they are not equipped to do so. While this may be a common practice in your town, you may want to secure some written guarantee of the service for those unlikely event that something will go wrong. If the funeral director is not upfront with this information or has evaded giving you a satisfactory answer, consider it as a red flag.