How to Survive the Holidays With Cremation Urns

cremation jewelryCremation urns may be the last things you bother yourself with when you have recently lost a close friend or family member and dreading having to go through the coming holidays without them by your side. However, you can still infuse some lighthearted good cheer into your life while you cope with your grief in the midst of all the festivities. The symbols of the holiday like cherubs and angels, stars, mother and child, and the like are all now represented by a cremation urn in all sort of material you can imagine. A gleaming silver Star of David on your mantle can be a quiet reminder of the memory of your loved one. Tree ornaments that double as urns are another alternative to sharing the holidays with those who passed.

When you would rather have a more diminutive way to carry the remains to your holiday travel, a cremation jewelry in the same notable shapes is a good option. You will just have to pick from the different makes and materials like wood, gold, silver, and how elaborate you want your urn to be. By encrusting a few sparkly gems on your pendant, for instance, you can have a fancy accessory for those holiday parties that will not be screaming cremation urn to everyone else.