Debunking 2 Top Cremation Myths

cremation services mississaugaOpting for cremation services may not be for everyone due to certain religious affiliations or by personal choice. When you skip cremation for burial because of some unanswered questions, then it is time to put those concerns to rest.

1. Cremation Produces Ash

Since fire and burning are often associated with cremation, then the immediate conclusion is that ask is what the family will receive as remains.  Even with the high temperatures used to cremate a body, a few of its parts are simply not turned to ash. Bones, for one, are ground in a separate process and given back to the family as well. The advantage of this kind of remains is the family will then be able to put them inside cremation jewelry to wear and treasure wherever they go.

2. Cremation is Bad for the Environment

The issue of expelling mercury and harmful fumes into the air still persists whenever cremation is mentioned. With the stringent regulations that funeral homes are subjected to, mercury contamination, if at all, can hardly be blamed on cremation. Moreover, screens and filters are used to control the emission of gases, whether harmful or not, into the environment.