Common Questions about Cremation

Even if basic or direct cremation is a very popular method in rerating the bodies of the deceased these days, there are still a lot of people who have numerous questions about this process.

Cremation has been known to be a cheaper alternative to the traditional burial process. But not all traditions and religious openly accept the practice of cremation.

For those who are planning to have their deceased relatives cremated, here are some of the questions that people ask about the process.

  • “Do we still need to buy a casket even if the body will be cremated?” – It depends. There are families that will purchase a casket because they will have the viewing and memorial service before the body will be cremated but there are families that also opt to skip the viewing and forego with the cremation without a casket. There are alternative containers available that are cheaper than caskets but are extremely combustible which will be perfect for cremation. For those who would want to purchase a casket, they can have it burned together with the body during the process.
  • “Can multiple bodies be cremated at one time?” – Majority of the countries do not allow multiple bodies to be cremated at one time. But there are some places in North America, just like Ohio, that allow the cremation of multiple bodies at once only if the deceased bodies are related and if both of them have died in the same year. If there are two deaths in the family at a given time, always consult the funeral homes in your area about the rules regarding multiple cremations.
  • “How much ash is expected after cremation of a single body?” – The typical amount of ash of an adult body after basic cremation is usually between 6 to 10 pounds. This will be necessary if you want to know the size of the urn where you want to place the ashes into.