Choosing the Perfect Material for Cremation Urns

Types Of Urns MississaugaMany families would actually prefer to have the body of their late loved one go through basic cremation than having a traditional burial. Aside from the fact that this is the cheaper choice, there are also a lot of urns that can store the ashes and can be placed anywhere even at home.

Types of Urns
There are different types of urns available for the families to choose from. These types conform to the specific needs of the family.
• permanent individual urns,
• double urns
• companion urns
• scattering urns
• biodegradable urns
• infant urns
• keepsake urns
• cremation vaults.

These types can hold the remains of one person, or 2 persons combined. The ashes of the 2 individuals can also be separated but still included in a single urn. The materials of urns may also be decided upon by the family.

Wooden urns are types of urns that are made generally out of wood. The woods that are often used in these urns are the hard types like mahogany or cherry oak.

The beauty of these urns made from wood is that they look very creative and they are naturally made. And because the material is wood, these urns are biodegradable.

Many environmentalists and green people would love to use these urns in their funeral services. The wood can be carved for some intricate design or laser can be used to etch out certain images even pictures of the late loved one.

Metal urns are those that are made from either copper, bronze, steel or pewter. One of the major advantages of using these urns is the durability. They can last for years without getting damaged. Metals can also be melted and shaped into very interesting figures that is why design will not be an issue with these types of urns. They can even be buffed to a very shiny finish. For those families who would prefer simplicity, these urns will be perfect.

Whatever types of cremation urns the family may choose, it is still the deceased that shall be remembered during the service.