3 Common Ways to Prepare for Cremation

Before the family is handed the cremation urns with the ashes of their loved one inside them, they may want to know how the body was prepared before it was burned.

1. Waiting Period

This part of the cremation services is often mandated by law. In a burial and under certain circumstances, the body may still be exhumed if necessary. In cremation, once the body is reduced to ashes, it cannot anymore be reversed. Thus, in many states, refrigeration is required to slow down the natural decomposition of the dead body while the waiting period is being complied with.

2. Jewelry and Medical Devices

Any personal item that the deceased is wearing will be taken off them. The extreme heat can melt and damage valuable jewelry that the family may want to keep for themselves. If the person had been ill before their death, any monitor or pacemaker that they were using will also be removed for safety reasons.cremation services

3. Embalming and Casket Requirements

If the funeral home will push you to have the body embalmed or to purchase a handsome casket, run to the opposite direction. There are no requirements for families to have their loved one embalmed or be placed in a casket since they will only be burned anyway.

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