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The Pros and Cons of Publishing an Online Obituary

When the person you love faces death, writing an obituary is a critical step that tells everyone about the sad news in your life. This step allows you to communicate the information to your close friends, family, and others in the community. It is a public way to pay tribute to your loved one’s memory. […]

Can We Choose to Bury the Cremated Remains?

You may have seen a memorial service in the movies wherein a cremation urn takes center stage instead of the usual casket. You may have even attended one, too. After all, this scene is happening more often in this modern world. Today’s era has certainly deviated from traditional approaches, even when it comes to funeral […]

How to Select an Urn? Things You Must Consider

Quite often, cremation is seen as an easy and more hassle-free way to bury a loved one. However, contrary to this belief, preparing for cremation services as the final disposition method takes as much time and preparation as a regular funeral. Although direct cremation may be cheaper because you don’t need a burial plot, embalming, or a fancy casket, […]