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Is Cremation Eco-Friendly?

Although most people think that cremation is a modern invention, cremation services have actually been around since the ancient period. Back in the day, the early Persians and Chinese Dynasties practiced burning the dead. It became a forgotten ritual when embalming, burial, and cemeteries became en vogue. Today, many people are choosing cremation again as their final […]

What is a Eulogy at a Funeral

Being tasked to write and give a eulogy is an honor. It signifies that you have a close relationship with the deceased. A eulogy is a heartfelt speech that you give at the funeral or cremation services as your final tribute for the one who passed away. It is also a personal way of saying farewell to […]

What to Write in Condolence Cards

Loss is something common to all human beings. We have all, at one time in our lives, experienced the excruciatingly painful demise of a loved one. The pain that is so difficult to bear, but yet a shared commonality, somehow binds us all. It calls each and every one of us to be understanding and […]

How to Start a Eulogy

If you were requested to deliver a eulogy during the funeral or cremation services, it means you have a close relationship with the deceased. A eulogy is a speech given during the service to praise and celebrate the life of the departed. For some family members, giving this speech may be very painful, especially if the […]

How Grief Affects a Child

Grief evoked by the death of a loved one is something we old folks find difficult to manage ourselves. When the cremation services are over, and the funeral flowers have wilted, we have to face the unbearable loss. The death of a loved one also means that a piece of us that rested in them has passed away, too. […]

What Should Be Included in a Eulogy?

As the famous author John Green once said in his inspiring best selling book turned movie called The Fault in Our Stars, funerals are more for the living, not the dead. Apart from celebrating the life of the deceased and naming all the great things about them, eulogies must, first and foremost, comfort the hurt. […]

What is a Good Sympathy Message?

When you have to attend the funeral or cremation services of a family, close friend, co-worker, neighbor, or acquaintance, you usually don’t come empty-handed. Aside from giving funeral flowers, you often write a card to show your love, care, and support. Although death is a part of the cycle of life, it is still very hard to […]