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“I’ll be Seeing You” performed by Bing Crosby, Barry Manilow, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Liza Minnelli, Anne Murray, or many others

I’ll be seeing you, In all the old familiar places, That this heart of mine embraces, All day through.   In that small cafe, The park across the way, The children’s carousel, The chestnut trees the wishing well.   I’ll be seeing you in every lovely summer’s day and, Everything that’s light and gay, I’ll […]

“If” (Bread)

If a picture paints a thousand words Then why can’t I paint you? The words will never show The you I’ve come to know If a face could launch a thousand ships Then where am I to go? There’s no one home but you You’re all that’s left me too And when my love for […]

“Lay Me Down” – Sam Smith

Yes, I do, I believe that one day I will be where I was Right there, right next to you And it’s hard, the days just seem so dark The moon and the stars are nothing without you   Your touch, your skin, where do I begin? No words can explain the way I’m missing […]